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Gamuchirai “Ladyg2” Gundiza

UNITED KINGDOM-BASED Zimbabwean female wheel spinner Gamuchirai “Ladyg2” Gundiza has said the arts industry and society at large must respect women in deejaying rather than label them as people of loose morals.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, Ladyg2 said it was time society cast away the mentality that female DJs were delinquents adding that people must support one’s talent and not label others based on their professions.

“I am one of the first prominent female DJs, who rose to stardom during the 2006 era. I was called names and faced a lot of obstacles because I was a female, but I soldiered on and I am still in the game,” she said.

“The problem that people have towards females in the arts industry is that they think we are not decent because most of the time we are hired to play music in clubs. As a DJ who has been in the industry for 17 years, I can safely say wheel spinning is a profession just like others in the arts sector.”

She added: “Deejaying comes with a lot of stereotyping and name-calling particularly in our Afro-cultural society. Women who frequent night clubs in any capacity are viewed as of loose morals and I have not been spared from that description.”

“People must get rid of the mentality that only men are suitable for this profession of wheel pinning, but rather should support talent despite gender. I recently got married to John Mubaiwa, which shows that there are other people out there who see the decency in us.”

Ladyg2 said in her 17 years of wheel spinning, she has been battling gender discrimination to archive the same recognition as her male counterparts.

“It was tough, but through determination and hard work I paved my own path, fearlessly and relentlessly working on my gift. I sharpened my skills and maintained my dignity, respect and professionalism at all times to date,” she said.

“I created a strong, bold image and brand so no one could take advantage of me and with these values, I gained the respect which is the reason why I am pleading with the majority not to consider female wheel spinners as people of loose morals.”

Ladyg2 has seven awards under her sleeve which includes the prestigious Zimbabwe Achievers Award DJ of the Year, Zimbabwe Cup Clash UK Best DJ, ADA Africa Best DJ, Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television Arts and Sports (BEFFTAS) Award.

She has worked with both international and local artistes among them Mr Easy (Nigeria), Smoothspinner (United States), the late music icon Oliver Mutukudzi and Thomas Mapfumo.

Ladyg2 has promised to come back to Zimbabwe this December after her recent successful tour that saw her also performing in South Africa.

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